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Our goal at Grandkits is to provide grandparents with a project (a Grandkit) they can complete with their grandkids. The kit is designed to be assembled by the child with guidance and assistance from the grandparent. The ultimate purpose for Grandkits is for the grandparent and child to end up creating a precious memory by completing the project together.

Of course you don't have to be a grandparent to find our products useful, but we're thinking of the grandchild with grandparent assistance when we design a new kit.

All of our designs have been tested with our own grandkids, and must receive their approval before we considering moving them into production. As you  can imagine, they love being part of the product development team.

We sell through the Etsy marketplace, our shop is called Grandkits

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Our newest kit - the Grandkits Baby Activity Center

Baby Elizabeth needed something to hold her pretty things while she lay on the floor improving her hand-eye coordination.  The Baby Activity Center kit allows you to hang a variety of objects of interest for your child using ribbon or strings, and position them just at the right height for their reach.

Appropriate for age newborn to just crawling, the kit is easily disassembled so you can store it for later use.

Kit comes with the four legs, two animal cutouts, clamping wheels, and bolt.

Watch the promotional video, making the Activity Center in 2 minutes!

The Treasure Chest

Grandkits Treasure Chest

The Heritage Oak Doll Cradle

Grandkits Heritage Oak Doll Cradle

The Grandkits Plant Hanger

Grandkits Plant Hanger

The Grandkits Name Plaque

Grandkits Name Plaque

We're adding items other than kits, Grandpa Wes also makes custom signs. These are typically carved from solid oak or other great appearance wood, and combine 3D text and images into a beautiful plaque for your home or office. These plaques can be viewed and purchased from our Etsy shop WordOntoWood.

   Visit the WordOntoWood Etsy Shop!

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Cradle Grandkit

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